Monday, November 8, 2010

1999 Australian Silver Kookaburra

It can be seen that the square capsule is not protecting the coin, causing it to tone.
Mint mark "P100' is also struck on the Rabbit coin of the Lunar Series, marking Perth Mint's 100th Anniversary.

A new Queen portrait used from 1999 - 2009

1 kg - 4,714
10 oz - 4,012
2 oz - 19,503
1 oz - 98,513


Aaron Louis Kaufman said...

Hu there, I'm just wondering if the mintage numbers you've got listed for the 1999 P100 1oz Kookaburras are correct?
I didn't realize they were so low!

Alex Woo said...

That was the number before restrike. After restrike, it is 109,364. Still far from planned mintage of 300,000