Friday, November 6, 2009

Record Gold Price

Thinking that $1,066 on 13 October was a new high, 3 & 4 November saw series of new highs of $1,088.50 and $1,098 respectively. Now, as an online diary, it would be good to keep a record of yet another new high above $1,100 at $1,100.90 before it eased to $1,095 for 6 November close. Such movement has prompted me to unfreeze this blog.

India's 200-ton haul has spark off Sri Lanka's action, which analysts estimated a 5-ton purchase. So it looks like spot gold would hold on for some time above $1,000.

I've also renamed this blog from 'Silver Numis' to 'My-Numismatic-Collection' to record my path of collection, which includes the American Gold Buffalo and Australian Gold Dragon.

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