Sunday, May 31, 2009

Odd Years of Silver Britannia

The odd years of the Britannia is always more interesting than the even.

1999 has Britannia riding on a two-horse chariot.

2001 depicts a standing Britannia with the British Lion looking ready to defend.

2003 uses a close up face of Britannia wearing a helmet.

2005 depicts a sitting Britannia with the Union Jack shield resting.

2007 also depicts a seated Britannia without her helmet, leaning on her Union Jack shield, gazing pensively out to sea with the White Cliffs of Dover by her shoulder while the British Lion lies at her feet.

1999 - 69,394 (UNC)
2001 - 44,816 (UNC); 3,047 (Proof)
2003 - 73,271 (UNC); 1,833 (Proof)
2005 - 100,000 (UNC); 2,500 (Proof)
2007 - 100,000 (UNC)

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