Saturday, September 13, 2008

2007 Britannia Silver Bullion

I began my collection of my first ever troy ounce of gold on 3 Nov 2007 and added on with more 'investor' silver bullions on 5 Nov 2007 in view of the sub-prime crisis as a hedge against hyperinflation. Here, I refer 'investor' silver bullion to bullions that have low premium over the spot price of silver.

The 2007 Silver Britannia is the first numismatic silver bullion that I bought at nearly twice the price of a 'investor' silver bullion. It was bought on 19 Dec 2007. And thereafter, I began my hunt for the rest of the years ...

The 2007 1 oz Silver Britannia depicts a seated Britannia, leaning on her Union Jack shield, gazing pensively out to sea, with the White Cliffs of Dover by her shoulder. The British Lion lies at her feet, now resting but ready to pounce into action. Britannia herself grasps the trident, symbol of naval might, in her right hand while in her left she extends the olive branch of peace.


Aaron Louis Kaufman said...

I don't know why but amongst other stackers the Britannia seems to be one of those coins that people are either entirely in love with or don't touch with a 10' pole.
I think some of that could be down to people not understanding how a .958 coin can still contain a full troy ounce of 99.99+ Fine Silver (it's not rocket science though).
Personally, I adore the series & I think it's very unfortunate that they're not readily available for sale here in Australia.
I've only got the 2009, 2011, 2012 & 2013..I thought it was important to have the last year minted in the 958 form (limited mintage of 100,000) & the first year minted in the 999 format.

Alex Woo said...

Well, I'm now one of those who grew tired of the Britannia. Royal Mint is just running out of ideas and keep repeating the designs. Would sell them if I have an attractive offer.